Daisy Meadows

Rainbow Magic Fairies Series

Number of Books in Series: 200+

Ar Reading Level: Low 2’s Mid 5’s

Dolly:  Rachel and Kristy are best friends and they met on a boat called The Faery on a vacation. That’s when their adventures with fairies began. There are lots of groups of fairies like The Rainbow Fairies, The Sports Fairies, The School Day Fairies, and The Friendship Fairies.  If you’re looking for this in the library, most of them you will not be able to find because they are not as popular.

I like these books because each book because each fairy has its own meaning for Fairyland, which is a land above the human world.  Each book is different than the other even though there are more than 200 of them.

Momma’s Recommendation: There are well over 200 of these books.  (How do we keep track of what she’s read with over 200 books, you ask?  A spreadsheet.)  When we’re looking up what books she has yet to read my favorite source to find the complete list is Wikipedia. Many of them are good beginning chapter books, though they’re not quite as good as the Magic Treehouse books because there aren’t as many pictures.  But for a fairy-loving girl, it might just be the right motivation.  There are a number of “3-in-1” books that are longer.  Fortunately you can read them in any order without any loss of storyline.

My only complaint about the series is the artwork on front.  There are a lot of navals and miniskirts.  For a series aimed at children as young as 6 and 7, that’s not cool.



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