Paula Harrison

Rescue Princesses

Number of Books in Series: 12

AR Reading Level: 4.1-4.7

Dolly: Rescue Princess is princesses that met when they were going to a ball that was for Princesses 8 and older.  Their rescued a deer from people that were making traps.  They each have a special gift they use like jewelry making, acrobatics, and stuff like that.  In each book they rescue an animal.

I liked them because there’s animals and princesses and I like both of those.  After you read the first one, you can read them in any order up to 6.  Then the 7th through the 12th you can read them in any order.  In the 6th some of the princesses go to camp so they have to form a new group.

Momma’s Recommendation: Although I have only perused and not read The Rescue Princesses, I see no problems for any ages.  As soon as your kid is able to read them, let them go for it!


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