Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Treehouse Series

Number of Books in Series: 52+

Ar Reading Level: Low 2’s to low 4’s

Boo: I like Jack and Annie books because I learn about places and because they are exciting.

Dolly: I read up to 15.  I stopped because they were starting to get too short and boring for me and I kept losing track of where I was.  There were just other books that were more interesting.

Bub: The Magic Treehouse is about a brother and sister Jack and Annie find a treehouse in the woods.  If they say some magic words, the treehouse will take them places.  They have missions to go places.

I liked them because you learn a lot about the places they go.

Momma’s Recommendation: This is a great introduction to chapter books.  Currently I am on number 17 with Boo.  I read him between 1 and 3 chapters most nights at bedtime.  For a child that’s ready to start reading chapter books on their own, it’s a great first series.  They are easy to read, the print is large, and there are still enough pictures to interest younger children.

The series has plenty of educational value.  The characters travel around to different times and places for their adventures, so while the kids are reading these fun adventures, they’re learning about ancient China, the Moon, the Australian Outback, and so many other things.  The series does get harder partway through.  I think it was smart of the author to grow her books as her readers grew.

Like I mentioned in our “About Us” section, Boo struggled with his verbal skills.  After I started reading him this series, his verbal skills jumped significantly.  I also mentioned that this is the series that really got Bub reading chapter books.  They are a great series that has had an amazing impact in my family’s life.

My kids have not read any of them, but there are also companion non-fiction books for each of the Magic Treehouse books.  It delves more into the facts behind the places Jack and Annie visit.


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