Tui Sutherland

The Menagerie Series

Number Books in the Series: 3

AR Levels: The Menagerie: 4.6; Dragon On Trial: 5.2; Kraken and Lies: 4.8

Dolly: These were amazing!  These books are about things like mythical creatures and bad things that are happening.  Someone is sabotaging them.

There’s lots and lots and lots of exciting action that makes you want to keep reading.

Bub: A place with mythical creatures is hidden in a small town.  A new kid in town found a griffin cub under his bed and it started a bunch of crazy adventures.

I love this series because you get to learn about different mythical creatures.  It was exciting to read because of the cliffhangers.  If you want to read it, have all the books at the same time.

Momma: This is one of my favorites I’ve read.  We grabbed it because the author Tui Sutherland wrote another series that Bub loved called Wings of Fire.  (I”ll link it when we do that post.)  It was engaging and fun.  It had great characters that you just wanted to cheer for the whole series.  The first two books ended with huge cliffhangers.  I mean HUGE.  I recommend getting all three at the same time; you’re going to want to binge read.  But they’re quick easy reads without being too juvenile. If that makes sense.  They have a bit of a Fablehaven vibe: a secret preserve that hides and protects mythical animals from the public, they’re just a much easier read.  Even Daddy got in on the action with these books.

Momma’s Recommendation: Most 3rd grader on up should be handle to handle them.  There are a couple of suspenseful moments, but nothing that’s scary.  There is a little Jr. High crush stuff going on, but nothing mushy or inappropriate.


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