Jack Patton

Battle Bugs

Books in Series: 9

AR Levels: 4.6-5.0

Bub: This book is about when Max get’s a bug encyclopedia.  He finds a magnifying glass and he looks into the glass and gets sucked into the book.  He finds an army of bugs trying to survive from reptiles.

I liked it because of how the bugs use their body parts to deal with the reptiles.  It was fun to see how the bugs defended themselves. I also liked it because there are a new bug every time and usually a new reptile.

Momma’s Recommendation: This is one of the first books that hooked Bub once we started going to the library.  It’s kind of “Magic Treehouse“-ish because the main character gets swept away to a different place in a similar manner.  Except he gets sucked into the books to fight in the war of bugs vs. reptiles.


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