Kiki Thorpe

Never Girls

Books in Series: 12

AR Level: 3.4-3.9

Dolly: Never Girls is a series where 4 friends, the youngest- Gabby who loves fairies , followed by Mia her older sister. She is like me and likes red roses and pretty things like that. Then comes Lainey  who loves soccer and sports and last Kate who loves animals and has always wanted a pet.

The girls found a way to get to Pixie Hollow in Neverland.  These stories are of their adventures with the fairies of Pixie Hollow.  I liked these books because they were about fairies and I like fairies.  They were fun to read because it was easy to follow all the action.

Momma’s Recommendation: This is one of the first series Dolly started reading when we started going to the library.  It’s not a super-fast read, but by no means difficult.  A high 2nd grader can handle them.


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