Brandon Mull · Eliot Schrefer · Garth Nix · Maggie Steifvater · Marie Lu · Sean Williams · Shannon Hale · Tui Sutherland

Spirit Animals Series

Number of Books in Series: 7 Ar Reading Level: 4.9-5.6 Bub: The people can drink a special nectar and it summons spirit animals. There are four special animals who saved their land in the past.  The four special people who summon these four special animals go on quests to fight bad guys who want to steal everyone's spirit… Continue reading Spirit Animals Series

Brandon Mull

Fablehaven Series

Number of Books in Series: 5 Ar Reading Level: 4.2-5.2 Momma:  I read the Fablehaven series a few years ago.  It was a lot of fun to read.  All of the mythical and magic creatures brought fun and excitement to the series.  Seth got on my last nerve in the beginning; his unwillingness to obey bugged… Continue reading Fablehaven Series