Stacy McAnulty

Dino Files

Books in Series: 3 AR Levels: 3.0-3.3 Bub:  Dino files is when Frank and Samantha find a dinosaur egg, and when a cat named Saurus sits on it the egg hatches.  All the books have Peanut (The dinosaur) in it and Peanut got i'ts name for his peanut looking nose. I like it because I like dinosaurs… Continue reading Dino Files

Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Treehouse Series

Number of Books in Series: 52+ Ar Reading Level: Low 2's to low 4's Boo: I like Jack and Annie books because I learn about places and because they are exciting. Dolly: I read up to 15.  I stopped because they were starting to get too short and boring for me and I kept losing track of… Continue reading The Magic Treehouse Series