Tui Sutherland

Wings of Fire

Books in Series: 10, with #11 coming out June 2018 AR Level: 5.1-5.6 Bub: This book is about Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny who all are different types of dragons that have a prophecy about themselves.  There is also in the prophecy that once the war has lasted 20 years there will be a… Continue reading Wings of Fire

Stacy McAnulty

Dino Files

Books in Series: 3 AR Levels: 3.0-3.3 Bub:  Dino files is when Frank and Samantha find a dinosaur egg, and when a cat named Saurus sits on it the egg hatches.  All the books have Peanut (The dinosaur) in it and Peanut got i'ts name for his peanut looking nose. I like it because I like dinosaurs… Continue reading Dino Files

Brandon Mull · Eliot Schrefer · Garth Nix · Maggie Steifvater · Marie Lu · Sean Williams · Shannon Hale · Tui Sutherland

Spirit Animals Series

Number of Books in Series: 7 Ar Reading Level: 4.9-5.6 Bub: The people can drink a special nectar and it summons spirit animals. There are four special animals who saved their land in the past.  The four special people who summon these four special animals go on quests to fight bad guys who want to steal everyone's spirit… Continue reading Spirit Animals Series

Dav Pilkey

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot Series

Number of Books in Series: 9 Ar Reading Level: 2.9-4.1 Bub: Mighty Robot is when creatures from every planet except earth come to invade earth because there's always something wrong with their planet.  Mighty Robot was made by an evil scientist on Mercury, but he couldn't control it, so when the robot came to earth he made… Continue reading Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot Series