Jarrett Krosoczka

Lunch Lady Series

Number of Books in Series: 10 Ar Reading Level: 2.2-3 Bub: Lunch Lady is a hybrid graphic novel about a plain-looking lunch lady is actually a super-hero, which is a big secret.  Three kids learn that she is a super-hero and then they fight all types of crazy villains.  The stories can be very magical, like when… Continue reading Lunch Lady Series

Rob Harrell

Life of Zarf Series

Number of Books in Series: 3 Ar Reading Level: The Trouble with Weasels: 5.1; Troll Overboard: 4.6; The Troll Who Cried Wolf: 4.9 Bub: Life of Zarf is a graphic novel like Lunch Lady where everybody is fairy tale creatures.  The prince is young so he goes to school with a troll named Zarf.  The prince is… Continue reading Life of Zarf Series