Margaret McNamara

Fairy Belle Sisters

Books in Series: 6 AR Level: 4.3-4.5 Dolly: Fairy Belle Sisters is about 5 sisters that are related to Tinkerbell. I love how they go to crazy places and still not know how to read, go to balls and be too young, and while they're doing it enjoy visits from Tinkerbell . Momma's Recommendation: It's been… Continue reading Fairy Belle Sisters

Kiki Thorpe

Never Girls

Books in Series: 12 AR Level: 3.4-3.9 Dolly: Never Girls is a series where 4 friends, the youngest- Gabby who loves fairies , followed by Mia her older sister. She is like me and likes red roses and pretty things like that. Then comes Lainey  who loves soccer and sports and last Kate who loves animals and… Continue reading Never Girls