Tui Sutherland

Wings of Fire

Books in Series: 10, with #11 coming out June 2018 AR Level: 5.1-5.6 Bub: This book is about Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny who all are different types of dragons that have a prophecy about themselves.  There is also in the prophecy that once the war has lasted 20 years there will be a… Continue reading Wings of Fire

Tui Sutherland

The Menagerie Series

Number Books in the Series: 3 AR Levels: The Menagerie: 4.6; Dragon On Trial: 5.2; Kraken and Lies: 4.8 Dolly: These were amazing!  These books are about things like mythical creatures and bad things that are happening.  Someone is sabotaging them. There's lots and lots and lots of exciting action that makes you want to keep… Continue reading The Menagerie Series